Hello Thomas and the Black Lightning Crew!

Thanks for checking out my stunt reel, at the 1 minute mark you’ll see work from Season 2. I’m very proud of that scene, which included a handpull and a descender rigged by Marque Ohmes, and fight choreography designed by Keith Davis. All done in one day of rehearsal and one day shooting, for John Medlen. The reaction to that scene was huge, and you might enjoy the social media related video I did of the scene, which I included below.

You already know about my fight and stunt experience, but you may not know about my behind the camera work I’ve been doing, from Choreographing and Shooting/Editing Previs to wrangling the crew. I most recently shot for Toby Holguin on “Outer banks,” and my credits also include “Jacob’s Ladder,” and “Oxygen” as well as my personal projects. 

Thanks for taking a look, best of luck with Season 3!